Patches for BeOS, or load Haiku on old pc

Can anyone deal with these matters? Yet there is also old iron, - speed of work, and patches for BeOS? :slight_smile: And in general, downloading Haiku new nightlights does not work on the old hardware, intel 3 256 MB of RAM

Есть русскоговорящие ребята? - Может все же кто подскажет с загрузкой новых ночников на старом железе?.. Или может как раньше патчи кто делает для BeOS?
Может кто помнит с какой версии Гаечки можно сделать патчи для USB и дисков?

Why haiku is not working on it? Is a good ask why haiku is not faster than BEOS? Iam very curious about it.

Haiku needs more RAM

As with all advancement, the old is left behind and the new is forged ahead. Of course, 32-bit Haiku should work (as BeOS did/does) on all older hardware. But maybe BeOS would be where Haiku is today, had it lived long enough. Nature of the beast, perhaps?

Wow, with optimizations it can change no?

With as much as has been added, I doubt it. Out with the old… in with the new. Can’t keep old technology and it’s RAM forever, sadly.

We gotta get some old Atari 1040ST programmers over to Haiku, pronto! They could cram an entire TOS/GEM into 192Kilobytes of RAM!!!

Maybe it’s time to patch the kernel? - Do you make a micronuclear modular? :slight_smile:
Well, when the blacklist is replenished without problems with the boot of the Haiku
You look and Haiku can be loaded on 256K memory)

Decides from the part through the blacklist