'parse error at EOF' message when executing Jam

Hi to everyone,
recently I decided to do a clean BeOS reinstall on my old laptop, choosing to try the BeOS DevEd 1.1 rather than BeOS MAX edition 3.1 that I formerly run.
Under BeOS Max I was able to succesfully complete the building of Haiku (and I used to install it too in a dedicated partition of the HD, enjoying it very very much!)

Yesterday I downloaded the svn trunk, did ./configure stuff, but when I execute the ‘jam -q haiku-image’, I obtain just the following:

baron@vimba:~/haiku/src/trunk# jam -q haiku-image
parse error at EOF

but the building process continue (apparently) without troubles(*); is this a normal behaviour or there is something wrong I did?

I have reinstalled the haiku developers tools (jam and gcc) so I’m quite sure that the problem isn’t here…

(*) build process isn’t yet finished so I’m not sure if this could cause me other troubles in building.

Thanks in advance, i’m just curious.