Paladin on Haiku Depot

I tried dowloading the newest version of Paladin from HaikuDepot. The Paladin entry points to HaikuPorts. At HaikuPorts there are two links to download Paladin, but they both appear to be broken links. Any suggestions for finding Paladin ? It is a great IDE.

Have you tried to download trough the link at the site?
If so, then yep, that’s broken. But you should never download anything from this site trough a webbrowser, but with the desktop-client, integrated into Haiku. Search for HaikuDepot in the Leaf-menu.

(I have to say i did not tested it right now in the desktop client, maybe there is broken too, if so, please report back.)

I just tried it with the HaikuDepot app and it appeared to work fine.

You get “buildmaster” links on that hyperlinks:


At least, from Windows Chrome :thinking:

I filed a ticket at the HDS github.