Paladin NumberFormatImpl.h

Hello, I have been using nightly version 47885 and Paladin 1.3 for coding for some time now. It worked very well. Yesterday I installed nightly version 51004 and used HaikuDepot to install the newest Paladin. My code will not compile anymore. It stalls while loading <Be.h>, saying that LocaleKit.h does not have NumberFormatImpl.h. However, this file exists in the Be headers folders. Nothing will compile anymore. Does anyone know how to solve this?

NumberFormatImpl.h was removed quite a while back, see see these commits.

So what is the workaround ? My code obviously needs it, likely coming from an sprintf(). The compiler wants to include NumberFormatImpl.h.

sprintf does not need this header file.

The workaround would be to not include LocaleKit.h (I guess we forgot to remove a #include there) and include specific headers from the locale kit that you actually need (Catalog.h? Locale.h? NumberFormat.h?)

Thank you for your replies. Here is what I found. Be.h includes LocaleKit.h which includes NumberFormatImpl.h. I have commented out that last include, and my code now compiles. However, the debugger will not work with programs compiled from Paladin. When the debugger launches, either due to calls to debugger(), or by attaching a process, or from a null pointer access, I get a blank window. Even though Paladin is producing debugger code.

This sounds like an old problem with BSplitView which would lead to Debugger having all its view collapsed on the side or the bottom of the window. Maybe you have old Debugger settings left over from that time, or maybe the bug iis back for some reason?
Make sure you can’t grab the split views from one side of the window (cursor should change to an arrow when being around the border if that’s the case). Maybe delete Debugger setting to be sure you start from fresh.
Does it work with other applications?

I trashed the debugger config file. It now works. Thank you sooooo much !

I checked Haiku sources and there is no NumberFormatImpl anymore. I’m not sure what you did to upgrade, but I suspect your system is now a mix of the older hrev47885 and the newer 51004, and not all the old files were removed.
I would suggest doing a clean install if you run into other problems.