Paladin C++ IDE feedback

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been away for a while and dropping out of organising an October meetup. Personal circumstances meant I had to concentrate on things much closer to home.

I’ve been getting back in to it slowly by looking at Paladin dev again. I’ve just started adding unit tests to the project itself so that when I start refactoring things I have a set of tests ready. I’ll move over time to a TDD approach for Paladin.

In order to best inform the development direction, and hopefully break down releases in to more regular and smaller feature releases, I’d like everyone’s feedback on what they want from a Haiku IDE. Although its heritage is pure C++ feel free to suggest outlandish-but-useful-to-many features.

Please can I ask that you add any features as issues (tagged as enhancements) to the GitHub site, and that if you see any features you really really want now-if-not-sooner then add a comment with ‘+5’, if it’s a feature you think is really useful and want soon, add ‘+2’, if its a feature you approve of add ‘+1’. No need for downvoting as I’ll just prioritise the top features anyway.

GitHub issues are here:

Thanks in advance.

FYI I just released a 2.1-1 version to haiku ports which should fix an issue @lorglas reported about Paladin not working on a recent hrev.