Pae kernel for haiku?


will there be a pae kernel for haiku 32 bit? sorry if this question been answered.


Would be fine if people add a link for more info by asking for things. Is this a hardware question? Watch the Hardware list.


Haiku already has PAE enabled… since quite awhile. I don’t think the particular implementation allows using the full 4GB address space per application but it does alleviate it significantly… I want to say it;s more like 2 or 3GB per application.


It’s 2GB of userspace per application, and 2GB of global kernel space (in Linux it is 3G/1G).

Note that several of our cache systems use physical addresses directly, so the kernel can in fact use more than 2GB of RAM for these specific uses.


thanks i have a asus cuv4xd motherboard and since must linux distros are bloated it got me thinking i already tried haiku but it didn’t see all 4gb of total memory, so i thought i ask here. just a general question.


So… that is a dual socket 370 board right? How much ram did it see?

It may be a probably with how haiku is handling the chipset since both of those CPUs should be just attached to the chipset unlike modern dual socket boards that have separate memory nodes.


it supports up to 4gb of ram. it saw about 1.25gb btw.