Package tool

Is any tools for creating package? Is any way to knowing where are package?

For example, how find package font?
How find where are bad translation in menu? Where are package with menu?
How creating gem/pip/cargo/package?

Userguide? Besly knowledge base? Take a look

There is the software HaikuDepot in the application menu.

Where are package , tell me link, name package and url etc.
I ask about program for creating editing package, documentation where are resources. If You know show me. If you dont know not write ‘read documentation because i dont do this because i’m lazy’ :wink:

My question are not personaly but for real problem. If You would like I can write some other question about creating packages. Everybody would like to improve haiku. If You dont know, very please dont replay.

Packages are hpkg files located in /boot/system/packages and /boot/home/config/packages. Package is just special archive containing .PackageInfo file that declare meta information (package name, dependencies etc.). You can extract package by Expander program. Packages are created by “package” command line tool. To create package open Terminal in package folder and execute package create ../<package file name>.hpkg.

You can identify package of file by looking SYS:PACKAGE attribute of file. Attributes are displayed in Get info > Attributes.

If you mean to change packages of haiku on the server, you need to work with haikuports. If you want to edit a package installed on haiku you can use my hpkgcreator on our repo of the besly knowledge base