Out of memory: Unable to install a Haiku on a computer with 256 MB RAM

Celeron Tualatin 900Mhz, 256Mb RAM, video 32Mb GeForce 2 MX-400 HDD 60 Gb MotherBoard 6VIA5T.
Haiku r1 beta 1 x86 gcc2.

First of all, I do not see Haiku boot splash screen.
If during installation I choose Russian, then at the end I get an error out of memory.

I made a video

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Unfortunately, beta1 can’t be installed with 256MB RAM because it includes 36 additional source packages, which use extra memory. See https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/14571.
It would be nice for package_daemon to not activate them unless enabled somewhere but there is no mechanism for that (yet?).

However, nightly images (https://download.haiku-os.org) don’t have source packages and they should work.
Please try that and report back.


We could just put them outside the packages/ directory on the DVD so they don’t activate. Too late for beta1, but something to consider for beta2. And maybe we should finally populate the Insaller option to enable/disable these extras when installing while we’re at it.


Although it would no doubt be nice to be able to install Haiku on a computer with only 256MB of RAM, I don’t believe that it would be a good use of developers’ time to stop work on something important in order to accomplish this.

Just realised that was an old post I was replying to!

@tiinn I wonder if you now can install beta2 on the same hardware?