Otter browser: How to make it display Haiku forums

Now that webpositive is having issues, I would like to use Otter. But Otter, from last year till date, has not displayed the Haiku forums…
Can some body guide me, what should be done to make Otter display Haiku forums?


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There is not much hope for Otter and other Qt based browsers. They are all based on the same QtWebKit engine on Haiku. QtWebKit is now a legacy part of Qt and not getting a lot of updates, the replacement beging QWebEngine which is based on Google Blink and not as easy to port to other platforms (including Haiku).

So these browsers will become less and less useful as web technologies move on… Unless someone manages to port QWebEngine or somehow update QtWebKit to a newer version of WebKit?


Pulkomandy, I do not understand…While otter can display other websites, what is it that hinder Otter to display Haiku forums? Is Haiku forums webpage so complicated that Otter cannot display it?

Probably it uses some modern HTML5 features that are too new for Otter which is running a web browser engine that was not updated for two or three years now.

There is a SSL error on the haiku forums. It’s more obvious when you’re using Dooble Browser.

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There are some errors in the Console of Otter. Maybe they are somehow related to this.


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