OT: Uzebox Omega open source games console

If anyone wondered why I wasn’t seen for several months on these forums, its because I was working on the Uzebox Omega - a fully open source 8 bit games console that can also run CP/M via an 8080 emulator.

As you might guess, if you’ve ever heard of it, it is based upon the Uzebox console which was released over 15 years ago. Whats different with the Omega is that it is both easier and cheaper to build because it doesn’t need the AD725 video converter chip and uses the same SCART AV connector as the Sega Mega Drive 2.

I have noticed that a Haiku dev has contributed to the Uzebox repo and that’s what prompted me to post to this forum to tell more Haiku users because this is the sort of thing that should appeal to Haiku enthusiasts. Its minimal, affordable, fully open source and easy to develop for. The main Uzebox emulator, cuzebox, runs fine under Haiku but I haven’t got the Uzebox repo building under Haiku yet for native Haiku dev of Uzebox games. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I was able to successfully build a Uzebox with no previous electronics experience, It is undoubtably one of the most fun and rewarding things I’ve ever done and something I’d highly recommend to all fans of retro computing who would like to learn the basics of electronics and have fun developing a truly open platform.

Here’s a video of me running Linux and vim via telnet on the Uzebox Omega:


It is now possible to quickly and easily build the Uzebox repository under Haiku so that you can now develop games for the best open source console using the coolest open source OS!

Haiku users now have a choice of at least three Uzebox emulators. Uzem is part of the the Uzebox repo, cuzebox is very easy to build under Haiku (just run make) and MAME also has Uzebox support.

The Uzebox repo can also be built under FreeBSD now too.


Since I last posted in this topic, the Uzebox Omega PCB has had a couple of revisions and is now up to v1.4 plus basic C64 and Apple II emulators have been released for the Uzebox: