Original BeBox introduction at Agenda 96

Doug Fulton, one of the ex-Be employees, uploaded the video of the original BeBox introduction at Agenda 96, enjoy the history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz3IRWM18zM


A great archaelogical discovery! I really like and appreciate this kind of historical documents about Be… Please, keep sharing this kind of posts, could be also photos, articles, another videos, Internet Archive links or anything related with Be history! Thanks for sharing it, Akuji!

The PC clone organ bank, I always liked that quote!
Thanks for posting the link to that video Akuji.

caleb, i have something that will be of interest, but i’ll probably need to scan the BeBox GuideBook again, my old scans are alright for the text, but the pictures of the early Hobbit motherboards are pretty bad…


Awesome share! This is really cool! :sunglasses:

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@lorezan, I have similar feelings about the “PC clone organ bank”, mentioned also by JLG in Be Newsletters… https://www.haiku-os.org/legacy-docs/benewsletter/Issue1-18.html
Please, upload and share that scans of that early prototypes of dual AT&T Hobbit microprocessor based motherboards!



watching that made me cry im so angry we are using dinsour software in this age

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