Original Be Developers Guide and Advanced Topics


I am having to sell some stuff to raise money for a digital camera for a college course. Two of the items might be of interest to Haiku fans. After arguing with myself saying “people will think I am spamming the auction” and “but I want someone who is really into Haiku to own them” I decided what the hell and originally sent this message to the openbeos mailing list, but it hasn’t gone through so I presume it was blocked as SPAM. I apologize in advance as I know some people will find this post annoying.

The auction is here.

And is for Be Developers Guide and Be Advanced Topics. They are more nostalgic than anything else. THey are in good condition, but the spines are pink rather than red due to the sun bleaching them on my book case!

Its funny as these had been sold to a BeOS fan once via eBay, but it was part of a bundle, and a large part of the bundle was damaged due to flooding, so I refunded the guys money. I don’t remember who he was, but I am sure he is still active with Haiku… anyway, these books were not damaged by flooding (along with a few other items), so I thought it was time to pass them on to someone who wants them for nostalgic purposes! :slight_smile:

If a “real” Haiku user/developer wins them, i will give them a 10% discount on the final price if they reply to this message in private.

Apologies again to anyone who finds the post offensive.


Andrew McCall