Organising the Applications menu

Is there a way to organise the applications menu? I’ve installed tons of applications from HaikuDepot and would like to have folders like Games, Office etc…

Good evening!

You’ll want to open up the Deskbar, click on “Deskbar Preferences”, and click “Edit in Tracker” within the “Menu” box of the dialog. A window will open up showing the layout of the Deskbar menus. From there, you can change the layout of the folders and link programs there to appear in the menu.

Hope this helps!

That’s great, thanks for your help! I can create folders in the deskbar menu now.

Dumb question 2: How do I change the links to point to the folders I make? Do I have to use ‘ln -s’ like in Linux or is there another way?

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Or the user guide on the Deskbar (see the info box at the end of the “Menu” section).