O'Reilly's "Programming the Be Operating System" book: still relevant?

I found my old copy of the this book, by Dan Parks Sydow. Is it relevant at all for Haiku-OS programming?

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I haven’t looked at it, but probably. Haiku’s implementation of the Be API is very close to the way BeOS had it; we’ve added various things like Unicode support but we haven’t removed very much versus the R5 APIs.

Also, it’s just “Haiku”, not “Haiku-OS”. :slight_smile:

Don’t you test against the BeOS 5 API? I assume you have some automated tests.

They are unfortunately not automated :frowning:
We have a limited set of tests, and a framework to run some of them as unit tests. I think they have not been run on BeOS for years. Even on Haiku we did not get to automating them yet. Until recently, Haiku was not stable enough to run the tests reliably in an automated way. I think even now, the test suite will need some rework so that it does not crash itself or the system.

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It’s better to say “Haiku-OS” though. People at work look otherwise a bit consternated if you have “Haiku” in your brower history or talk about “Haiku” :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s not what our trademark is; our trademark is for “Haiku”, not “Haiku-OS”. The fact that we have haiku-os as our domain name is simply due to the fact that we’ve been unable to buy haiku.org.

Believe me, people will very soon know exactly what you’re on about when talking about “Haiku”. They tend to roll their eyes, sigh, or get that 1000 yard look in their eyes… :smile:

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I shall call it Haiku, then.