Option to show window toolbars in Deskbar? Full-width window tabs?

Would it be possible to implement some option to display the active window’s toolbar (file, edit, view, etc.) as part of the Deskbar (in place of the running apps list, which would be replaced with a drop-down menu), rather than as part of the windows themselves? Additionally, could there be some feature wherein window title bars span the full width of the window (until being tabbed, at which point they are resized proportionally to the number of tabs)?

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Without some major restructuring, I don’t think so.

Some decorators do this (Mac and Win) but they are not built by default, and they don’t support Stack and Tile at all.

Is there any chance you could point me to a download for those decorators?

There are no precompiled binaries AFAIK. If you want to build them you need to download Haiku sources and build with jam MacDecorator or jam WinDecorator. Be careful though: there be dragons.


Also, you wouldn’t know if it’s possible to change the default Haiku Menu icon? I’m trying to get Haiku to look like a hypothetical “Mac OS 10” in a world where Apple actually worked out the Be Inc. deal.

Use the (re)source, Luke!

Wait, are we talking resource forks, as in classic Mac OS? If so, I have a lot of reading to do before I go anywhere near Haiku again… I always thought of BeOS as a continuation of the classic Mac tradition (single user, lightweight, all graphical), but resource forks? It’s almost as though the whole thing was cooked up by someone who worked at Apple! :wink:

So, is there some kind of ResEdit program I need to download?

More likely replace the icon in the resource portion of the application source and recompile :wink:

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For more information, please reread my post.

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As for the first question, the decorators already allow full window title tabs and thus become title bars.

As for the menus, this could be done in Haiku but why would someone want to? Even if Tracker and Deskbar, and maybe the servers could be reconfigured to show menus differently, it might not work as expected.

As for the second: Couplet will have the option of default Be menus or Mac-like menus. It will have an extension that will allow the user to show menus inside the Deskette or float them next to the current window like Rhapsody.

Now, I know everyone will heartily laugh and call Couplet a steaming piece of vaporware that hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ve been promising to finish it since when I worked on Poem and that was ages ago. But give me time. It’s coming once I get the chance to upload a proper release.

What is Couplet?