OpenBSD now has Apple M1 drivers…

Maybe Haiku can use the new drivers for inspiration?


That’s great in and for itself but Haiku doesn’t even run on Apple M1 as of now.

And yet the path toward it already clears :wink:

Asahi linux has licensed all its contributions under the MIT license. If we want we can take stuff from there.
running on apples new hardware is not as straightforward as “just copy this driver” however :slight_smile:


Just employ a software engineering team for a couple of years and be done with it. Simples :wink:

There’s a tutorial by Corellium on how they ported Ubuntu Linux to M1 which could be helpful.

But now they’re being sued by Apple for their security/debug tech tools for Apple phones running IOS. When you deal with the devil…


If someone did want to start on this a good start would be learning how to build and use the pass through hypervisor that the Asahi team built to make development easier.

Once ARM support is generally working on rpi it might be interesting to see how hard it is to get it booting in the hypervisor.