Open source Nvidia drivers with MIT license

The original PathScale driver link has been removed from the repository!

But it has the fork of the original repository.

And envytools tools.

Updated and maintained version of envytools.

First-Class GPU Resource Management: Device Drivers, Runtimes, and CUDA Compilers.


NVRHI is the NVIDIA Rendering Hardware Interface as a common abstraction layer atop Direct3D and Vulkan . NVRHI provides various graphics API abstractions around resource usage tracking, validation usage, and other efforts to assist in portability between graphics APIs.

Donut is a real-time rendering framework used by NVIDIA in prototyping renderers and code samples. Donut supports both Windows and Linux and also has various graphics rendering examples via a separate repository.

RTXMU is an open-source project that is the RTX Memory Utility. RTXMU makes it easy to employ compaction and suballocation of acceleration structure buffers with a goal of reducing the vRAM footprint.