Open Source Games

I’ wondering about games. What a open source games is for Haiku?
This is a list o some games

Some are clone of commercial production is very rare!
Please consider this post, is posible to port some of dose games ?

Sure. Some of them are ported already, see the HaikuPorts tree. Some of them are already available at HaikuDepot.

Watch this blog to see some games available on Haiku:

Other lists:

Not all of it is ported to Haiku yet but I hope to see that change,

I find a pearl.

It’s a game from 2003. She has a morden 3D engine but he has written in C.
How to what extent could to move this game on haiku?

there was a port on beos/zeta iirc

Possible? Yes, of course, anything can be ported. But you have to understand that games stress the OS and hardware like nothing else. Compared to a game, writing an office suite is pretty straightforward. Now consider that Haiku is so short-staffed that we don’t have an office suite yet …

There are 146 games on my repo: The vast majority are text-based or simple games (Yet More Tetris Clones). among the more complex ones are

Abbey of Crime Extensum
Abe’s Amazing Adventure
Abuse 2 demo
Aleph One demo
Dave Gnukem

I’m not a gamer myself, which complicates testing. How do I test level 5 if I keep getting killed on level 1? :wink:

There are still a lot of old BeOS SDL games out there, but they were developed before SDL had proper versioning and you have to test them against a dozen or so versions of the old Linking them against the current SDL requires actual recoding, as far as I can tell. And then you still might not get sound. At one stage I simply stopped porting them until my skills improve, and there weren’t so many non-games in my 2_be_ported folder

This is a LOT of work. And games that don’t use a standard library like SDL? You might just as well start coding from scratch. We are talking about a fulltime job here. if you want to try to crowdfund to pay someone to do it, that might be a way. But I don’t see anyone in the community right now with the coding skills, the time on hand, and the love for games to do that.

I thinking about, for example of, a port of 3D games to use a OpenGL, even if he work in software mode. This is a path way to proges a Gallium (OpenGL port 4 Haiku).

Just Great, but I only like strategy like Civilization. I looking for a freeciv on Haiku with a server of this game.

You can compile godot engine and get a very great amount of games from github for that opensource engine, it have a great community.

Yes, I knew ther is some engines in the internet. Once I fund a written in C++ engine to OpenGL.

At now this engine is utilized in WebGL.