Open Source DirectX

Hiya, I was wondering if you all would find this useful. I found this while snooping around the web.
It’s called OpenDX2 and it’s an open sourced directx implementation.

It’s source code might come in handy for future releases of Haiku. Or perhaps you guys could even aid in it’s further development.

Hmmmm? Why do you say that?

i fail to see the use of this project into haiku… I know that someone is porting gallium3d driver to haiku (which are really close to support OPenGL 3.0) we might get the intel driver ported from linux to haiku specially since the driver is even closer to support OGL3.0 thx to sandy bridge…

according to this link the project stopped years ago…

You’d be better off posting this in the ReactOS forums…

ReactOS is a open source windows wannabe OS… though it’s apparently “more stable” than windows… anyway just fyi wine project has a better support than reactos (they use wine for most of their code, just funny as hell.

Ummm how is that funny? It seems sad to me.

Microsoft is sad. Closed source is sad. To think that they are hiding information from people for the sake of profit so that no one can scrutinize it or judge it’s validity.

That’s what Microsoft does and worse yet, it’s what hospitals and governments do.

I think that what should be done is the enactment of an open source society, where information is available for the benefit of life, nature and our collective futures, not for personal gain.

I am really indifferent about Reactos, BSD, SyllableOS, Haiku, MenuetOS

As long as people find something that they are comfortable using and which fits their needs,(for free) it doesn’t matter to me in the least.

To me a computer is no different then a window. Except I can’t always get a good view of the outside from a window.
Then when I go on the internet, it’s almost like climbing out of that window. Then either going to work or going to play.

To force people to pay for Computers or Internet is almost like forcing them to pay for going outside. At least that’s how I see it.

Fresh air and fresh information, both should be freely available to drive our democratic futures forward.

you misunderstood me, i think the funny part that i meant was about reactos project used wine source code to build their windows-clone OS… if windows was made open source then i bet that every one would use it… and it would be almost bug free and stable as hell after a couple of years of community development.

i love this saying: “Why build windows and gates when we live in a digital world?”

Hmmm, If Windows was open source, people would be using all sorts of Operating systems actually, linux, unix,windows clones and systems not yet even devised yet, but everyone and I mean everyone would have access to the same software and all that software would work.

That is the key. If Mac and Windows were open source, there would be millions more new OS then today, and it wouldn’t be about applications, it would be about new creative user interfaces and features never before thought of, because developers haven’t had the freedom to use completely free open source code for literally anything.

In an open source world, Net Neutrality wouldn’t be debated, it would be lived and every person would have access to internet, which would kill corruption and inequality because every person would be a journalist and uploading videos and anything they see, everyone would see; thus there would be a more informed and free population.

That is a digital world. The way I see it, the Digital World is the guardian of the physical world and the natural world.

It is the protector of earth, and we are it’s source of power.