Open hantek Oscope software

has anyone built or ported this yet ???

I would be surprised as there’s no point to build it without having the hardware to test it.
Though, you’re right, it cost nothing to ask.

I’ll make a deal, whoever ports it, gets a 2channel that’s compatible


Challenge accepted. No need for prizes tho, if you feel generous, such money would be best spent on supporting Haiku imho.

(… on 2nd thought, my old Tektronix 2245A would very much apreciate retirement at this point lol)

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Okay, that was relatively straightforward.

I can’t do much else without a device to test, can you do that part? Here is a test .hpkg for x64 (just the bin, no menu entry, open w/teminal).


I’ll test this week, if ot works, I’ll russel up a scope

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I vaguely recall I tried to build it a decade ago and it didn’t work due to missing opengl support in qt. But that could very well have changed now. Incidentally it seems like a good candidate for a little native application? tell me where to send it , PM is fine

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I must decline. I just cooked a simple recipe, a mere salad, not a full course meal. I’m grateful for the offer but I stand by my last post words.

More importantly: did it work? A snapshot of the window with a connected o’scope would be nice. So I can polish the recipe a bit and send it knowing it works.


I haven’t had time to setup a dedicated haiku box today, CNC machine woes, but I will do so tomorrow