Only english spoken?


my english knowledge is a little bit outdated, even though reading is not the main problem…
Is there any possibility to pose more complicated questions in german language?

Many thanks and best regards


yes, only english spoken in these forums.

I do not think there is anywhere on haiku-os site that non-Enlgish speaking people can ask their question.

I know there are some sites, Haiku User Groups, which are supposed to provide support for non-English users.

See if you can find a german Haiku site like those above and ask your question there.

I fear that if you post your question in German here then others will post their questions in their language and make the English forums harder to use.

Would it be a possibility to create a forum area for non english speakers?

Maybe an admin can comment here.

Im bilingual, though my technical knowledge of Haikiu is limited and would be happy provide what advice/support I can in German.

For a programmer English is almost essential these days but we can’t expect every end user to learn english :slight_smile:


In the past it was argued, that traffic in these language specific forums would be quite low and there soon would be more forums for all kinds of languages than threads… :slight_smile:
In the long term, I could imagine a thorough localization of the whole site (guides, faqs, maybe big news items) as well as a forum. would be even better. Until then, maybe one collective “International Forum” would suffice, where people put their language into the title of their thread. If some language starts “spamming” the forum, a sub-forum could be created.


The Deutsch BeOS user group is still running, which can be found here: The related knowledge database which is both is English and German, can be found here:

I think that it would be a good idea for each user to have a little flag by his post to show whgat language(s) he speaks. Anyway, could you put the bits you know in English, and the phrases and sentences you don’t know in English in German for translation?


many thanks for your large and friendly answers, especially the advice (to / on?) German Beos Forum “BeSly” is very helpful!
Although I had expected at least one answer in german language… :wink:
I think, I will still remain here as a silent reader posting here and there a question without stumbling too much.



Servus Manni,

damit Du nicht enttäuscht bist, auch eine Antwort auf Deutsch. :slight_smile:
Der User Guide lässt sich auch auf Deutsch umstellen (hast Du wahrscheinlich schon gesehen), eine gute Adresse ist auch der #haiku IRC Kanal auf Einen #haiku-de Kanal gibts da zwar auch, der ist aber oft nur schwach besetzt… Auf #haiku hat man meistens mehr Glück, weil die Chancen einer Lösung bei 100 Usern einfach größer ist. Mangelnde Englischkenntnisse sind nur selten ein Hinderungsgrund. Und so wie Du oben geschrieben hast, solltest Du keine Probleme haben. :slight_smile:
Nochmals: Herzlich willkommen!



Your English is pretty good. People are friendly here so it is not necessary to speak English perfectly, we will not correct your grammar :slight_smile:

I agree. Your english is not at all bad, although I can see how technical talk might be a problem :slight_smile:

Ich liebe meinen staubsauger.

@ grafZeppelin
thank you, I think that technical talk is not the main issue… but to have a conversation “on the fly” especially with natural english speaking persons …
You love your vacuum cleaner? mmh… strange…
I hope the exposure with Haiku is not the reason for this behaviour? :wink:

But now I would like to end this thread and continue bothering others with my Haiku issues.

Where to drop a problem with PS/2-mouse during / after startup?

Thank you very much once more.


Where to drop a problem with PS/2-mouse during / after startup?

Either try the “User Support Forum” or file a detailed bug report.