One step forward, two steps back

The last time I posted here was in 2009, to comment on Alpha 1, and here we are with Alpha 3.

Then my first complaint was Haiku’s inability to play video files properly. Well, the video files are now playing. The trouble is that they’re silent movies, because support for my C-Media 8738 sound card seems to have disappeared.

The other problem was that I had to use static addressing to connect to my router. Now I’ve got no networking at all, because the driver for my SiS 900 ethernet port no longer works.

Is creating an operating system that works for everybody an impossible dream? Perhaps, but good luck! I’ll be back for the next release.

Please report problems in our bug-tracker. It is important that they will be reported where developers look for what has broken and needs fixing. You can’t expect developers to have and test all the single piece of hardware out there. We need reports and feedback to be able to do this job. If nobody reports the problems it may well be that ‘creating an OS that works for everybody is an impossible dream’.

To make it easier for the developers to find and fix the regression, you should take your time and test different revisions of Haiku and report what revision(s) broke your configuration.

I checked the SiS900 problem and it’s a known bug. I don’t think it’s worth doing anything about the CM8738: it’s as old as the hills and many Linux distros don’t support it.

Any why are we caring now what linux does or does not support? I doubt haiku has dropped any drivers its alot more stable in that respect than Linux I’ve even ran BeOS drivers in haiku… so you could just grab an old driver and install that. The guys on IRC are quite helpful with that.

I have this same chipset (PCI soundcard) in my system. Haiku Hrev50xxx (latest as of 3/24/16) sees the device but there is no driver for it. Where can I get this driver and how do I install it?