One login for all Haiku sites

Any way to share logon info for main site, this forum and bugtracker? E.g. login on site and become logged on forum and track too. Sign out on trac — sign out everywhere.
Register in one place and got registered in all others too.

In Russia it called «entropy reduction» — why keep multiple logon systems instead of having only one?


The multiple login systems are mostly historical. If you don’t do anything, each service comes with its own login.
If I’m not missing anything:

  • The main website has its own thing, but it will be soon removed as we will replace the website engine with a static one (with this forum replacing the blog comments system).
  • The dev. site needs somewhat complex permission management, but it is possible to use a 3rd party login system.

There was an effort some years ago to unify everything (back when we had a sysadmin team doing things). At the moment few people have time to manage that part of Haiku, barely enough to keep things online and running. So that project was never completed.

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Good idea since I’m too lazy to register also on trac. :sweat:

The only laziness stop you, but in my situation trac:
— Not sending email because of… no one knows why
— Doesn’t allow to register due to spam detection (gray IP address + war of Google and brothers against some giant Russian providers)
— Showing that all is good, but not allowing to login

I’m registered on community to help, but still can’t open ticket due to Trac stupidity.

Oh yes, I mislay the password to trac account. The old email is already closed…
I cannot decide, or I must make new one, or still maybe I can find that password.
Its crazy…

Send me private messages with your account login, I am Trac admin and I can force creation of accounts, change passwords, etc.
You can connect to the IRC channel too, and ask for realtime help there. If you do it right after a spam-blocked registration or post, I can look at the Trac log and relax the spam filtering a bit. We have full control on that, at least, but we need bug reports (and yes, I know you can’t put these on Trac itself).