Olive video editor port?

NLEs don’t use GPU acceleration at all outside of virtual reality. even high-end encoders don’t touch the GPU.

the media kit is already the backbone of a much more robust video suite than any other open source editor project out (and most commercial ones)

This is … blatantly false. Where do you get your information?

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It’s the exact reason the Radeon SSG even exists… https://www.amd.com/en/products/professional-graphics/radeon-pro-ssg

Also also why RED has their Rocket accelerator cards (though the SSG is a good bit faster than a rocket accelerator and more versatile).

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I’m not an engineer, but Quick Sync Video was specifically introduced by Intel (from their Sandy Bridge CPUs) for video encoding and decoding and is exploited by many modern NLEs:

Indeed it can be used for draft quality output, decoding previews as well as for streaming things live, in the end you typically aways use a CPU encoder for the final one though.

the NLEs i use in order to feed myself, running on systems with no acceleration.

“GPU acceleration”

those exist, those are not part of most edit suites.