Old software for BeOS, ZETA and Haiku (32Bit)

Already a bit old and perhaps not known to many:

Timeliner (for BeOS and ZETA: TimeZliner, distributed by MENSYS) offered as a “project and process planner” is perhaps worth a look.
Who can judge the potential?

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The current version is as hpkg on our repository server available.

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Zeige mir bitte wo (EDIT: ich Timeliner finde) !

Sehe ich gerade nicht, bin mir aber sicher das wir das mit Erlaubnis von A.Wilcek drinnen hatten. Muss ich gucken.

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War das nicht ne Zeta App?
Wenn dann auf BeSlyReo?

Wen fragst Du?
Schau hier: Elmstreet Soft Main Page

Google translate…
Who do you ask?
Look here: Elmstreet Soft Main Page

A. Wilcek builds haiku versions of his apps, they are available on his website. We have ask him and add some apps of him on our repo as hpkg.

They are 32bit only.

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Vielen Dank

How do we bribe them to make 64 bit versions? :wink:

First step would be to opensource it? (maybe have them at HaikuArchives?)

My last info from A. Wilcek (12.03.2021) was, that the Timeliner works fine
under Nightly 54938. I have run it, but not all functions works under the nigthly on my pc correct.
If he had time he looks to my reported issue. So, we must have wait.

regards lorglas