Old BeOS network sever - BeServed

I seem to remember an old piece of software that started with BeOS that would allow a BeOS PC to have a “Shared Drive” and an other BeOS running the same software could then mount that drive. I do believe that this was also ported to SkyOS like a billion years ago. Also, think there was a Windows version. Does this still exist anywhere? Or am I just wrong and confusing this with something else. And no I’m not talking about smb stuff like Haiku has now. This was a separate piece of software. It may have even been proprietary to start.

It was BeServed.




Source code https://github.com/HaikuArchives/BeServed


Haiku has a builtin NetFS which I think is a bit similar. But I don’t think we have a graphical interface for it yet?

Yes! That’s it. I knew it existed.

@PulkoMandy Was BeServed just a GUI for NetFS?

I don’t think so, they look like two competitor products doing the same thing.


Can I assume that it isn’t compatible with Haiku anymore, or we would have it in the Depot? The one thing I remember about it that really interests me. Is that it would allow you to use BeOS style attributes on non BFS file system. Which I find to be very cool.


Unlike NFS and CIFS, BeServed supports all the unique benefits of the Be File System (BFS), such as attributes, MIME-based typing, indexes, querying, and so on

The main reason it is not on HaikuDepot, as far as I know, is that no one put it there yet. A quick look in the git history on HaikuDepot shows that people tried to use it to share files between Zeta and Windows XP but did not manage to get that working. There was some minor work as recently as 2017.

I see nothing that would prevent this to be updated for Haiku, we have the sourcecode, so it’s just about someone doing the needed work.




I really do wish I had any skill in this area. I can test software, and I am good at it. I can write some C# but C++ is just not in my skill set. Maybe someone will see this thread and be energized to give it a go. I personally think this would be a big benefit to users.


I spent the last few days trying to see if I could figure out how to compile something on Haiku. This did not go well, and frankly I didn’t expect it to. Is there somone who might take a few and just see if this will complile and run? Just to see what kind of shape this program is in? I just don’t now how.


Normally you could do this very easily by running cmake (if CMakeLists.txt exists) or make (if Makefile exists) but both don’t exist in the repository.
I’m also interested in the project,looks very useful if you have more Haiku machines (I have three) but without CMakeLists or Makefile I have no idea how to compile this either.

There are some .proj files in some of the directories. I am not sure what IDE they are for. Running strings on them shows most of what you need to know to create some makefiles - i.e. which source files each .proj includes. However still some work to do before you could attempt to build it that way.

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.proj files were used for Metrowerks BeIDE. But it should be fairly easy to convert to a make file.

Old BeOS (5.0.x) used a user land Network stack (NetServer). I don’t know if BeServed used that one or the Unofficial Be(OS) Network Environment (BONE) which lived in Kernel land.

Far fetched, but you can maybe open .proj files with Paladin?

There is .proj to Makefile converter https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/3rdparty/proj2make

Paladin can convert proj files to makefiles.

For completeness: proj2make is not as good as Paladin for this. The code in Paladin is more complete and handles more cases, and it can generate makefiles.

This should not be too much of a problem if rebuilding from sources, only some minor changes (some functions to replaces with others) should be needed to go from NetServer to BONE.

Back in the day, before this was opened up, I was porting it to PowerPC. It is not very endian agnostic from what I remember. The version I have was Netserver. I still have source so I might take a look at what was still left to do.


Oh, that would be wonderful.

I couldn’t figure out how to generate makefiles in Paladin so I used proj2make with some manual fixes and pushed the makefiles to BeServed repo. Nothing compiles yet mostly due to these errors:

In file included from besure_auth.c:5:
../Common/betalk.h:231:21: error: 'BT_FILE_HANDLE_SIZE' undeclared here (not in a function)
  231 |         char opaque[BT_FILE_HANDLE_SIZE];
      |                     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
../Common/betalk.h:255:59: error: unknown type name 'beos_stat'
  255 | void                    btRPCGetStat(bt_inPacket *packet, beos_stat *st);

Hopefully somebody should know how to fix them.

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I booted BeOS R5 on virtual machine and used BeIDE and makemake to create makefiles. Some parts already compile, some do not.