Old Be Headquarters

I haven’t been in this area in several years, but I happened to go to a shop this evening that was right next door to the old Be, Inc. headquarters in Menlo Park, California USA. I snapped a picture just for fun:


Very nice. Thank you! What is the address? I like to explore the area with Google Maps :smiley:

Be Inc, 800 El Camino Real, Ste 400 Menlo Park


Next time bring a plaque to put up in the front yard: “Ancestral birthplace of Haiku:smile:


Wonder how much it would be to rent out that place nowadays

It would appear to be for rent, no price quoted. Be only had some of the building, 4th floor going on the 400 suite number compared to the Charles Schwab’s 100 for the ground floor.


Yes, typically that does refer to the floor. This is the back of the building btw, the front is on a pretty busy road so I didn’t want to stand out there taking photos. Charles Schwab might call the police on me. :smiley:

I used to drive past in 2000-2001 on my way to work, when it still said Be on the sign…but we didn’t have cameras on our phones back then.


It rented two floors - one floor initially, while the other starting from 1998-99.

I miss Be Inc. :disappointed:

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Front side of the building…


I was looking exactly for this video.
Something like this is entirely impossible to do nowadays.


Had the same thing when I saw the first picture here :wink:

I found a collection of old photos of the inside, the devs working, goofing off, and some offices in a torrent a while ago. I’ll try and upload them tonight, seems like it was a pretty fun place to work in their heyday.


Yes please. Thank you.

I am a man of my word. I tried uploading these to Imgur on Falkon from Haiku so my apologies if all of them didn’t make it on there. But you should be able to view them here: https://imgur.com/a/zKMlueV

I can only see 5 or so on my phone but there are 50 in the directory.


This is what the offices looked like in the BeIA days: BeIA Demo - YouTube

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BeIA was ahead of its time conceptually. I was not a fan due to the “focus shift” away from BeOS.

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I think some of us can relate, maybe BeOS would still be alive now? :wink:

EDIT on the other hand, Haiku is more open then BeOS was, most of the 3rd party apps, libraries ended up in Bebits, now they do in haikuports :smiley:


I also see only five pics, can you re-upload the others to another image hosting service, please?