Okular cannot open a previously saved PDF

Before I open another support ticket, is anyone else having this issue?

I use Okular regularly, first chance to use it since I am dealing with update problems.

Okular no longer is able to open PDFs that it saved previously. They open with no issues on BePDF.

Any errors visible when running from Terminal?

Good question–did not try that. So here you go:

~> Okular ~/oil_color_chart.pdf
kf.windowsystem: Could not find any platform plugin
Kill Thread

Same thing here (but then again I’ve got a pretty weird/experimental KDE setup) :slight_smile:

My laptop and PC shiould be the standard stock packages–I do not program in Haiku, except scripting.

For bug tracking, I opened a support ticket:

Okular cannot open a previously saved PDF #9854

bug tracker … ## #9854 closed bug (fixed)

Debug button doesn’t always work