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Darn industrial-grade soldering robots…

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Did you look at the Reform?

what’s new? Microsoft is in monopoly and it hurts gnu/linux fans’ 45535. worse, all the vendors are in complicit and keep providing drivers for the OS, that >90% of their users would use. what bastards! such a refreshing reading. :smiley: honestly, it surprises to see a serious person producing such cliche, cartoonish even views. this sh1t is almost 20 years old. it’s the time to realize, a long time ago, the industry, commercial organizations, earning money from making computers and software do not give a flying p3n1s about RMS “phylosophy”, “ethics” etc. nor they are morally obliged to. it’s just a lunacy, and at the best, that “love of lunix” by corporations is exploting it and using the community as useful fools. for offloading spendings (sacrifying quality). they will write drivers for that OS, that is going to be used by their users, be it Windows, macOS or Android or TempleOS. and it’s not only normal, it’s the only viable variant. they will release that documentation, that they see benefit (possibility) to release. and it’s normal (even if sometimes pissing off) and should be understandable, have no idea why it’s not. they do as the do, because they work, not play silly games of gnu/freedom(C). if they start to satisfy what RMS or mmu_man wants, they all go bankrupt the next day. remember, all corporations consist of people, that need to earn money for living. and they also have passion to their work and they create things just as enthusiasts do. but they do that better, because they are smarter, :smiley: exactly why it’s them who got a job at those “big, evil corporations” and because they can spend more time on their work. if you will look at lenovo, microsoft, ibm this way, you maybe stop seeing them the gnu/way. which has little to do with the reality.

it’s spelled “its”, not “it’s”. “It’s” doesn’t make any sense. You wouldn’t say “but that doesn’t mean it is name should be inserted”…

Keep in mind that not everyone here is a native speaker here, and while we work on Haiku we’re not linguists. Please allow this word crime. :wink:


Actually the native speakers are the worst in this respect :smiley: I’m no native speaker myself either.


As an American, I can confirm :laughing:


I am just curious, what has China done to you for you having that much bias. Have you verified that the information you are reading is true? Hope people will stay out of geopolitics here.

Re:Chinese government

Not without going off-topic. Start a new thread and see how long it lasts.


Thanks for this great post that covers many important topics from free hardware to OS choice and more.
@mmu_man is it okay for you if I write a German version of that and publish it at https://gnulinux.ch ?


Sure, as long as you point to the original :slight_smile:


I will do, we always name the original sources.


I won’t mind opening a new topic, but it will go against my own advice, that is not talking about geopolitics here. Talking about geopolitics is like talking about religion (religion can be argued to be geopolitics too), subjected to a lot of mind manipulation and faith, henceforth leading to a “discussion de sourds” that is "deaf people talking to each other.

It is geopolitics on many fronts including persecution of religious minorities. Before my previous post I tried briefly getting more specific but when I cited my sources, the system flagged the post as off-topic and immediately deleted it.

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Please inform us German readers about finishing your translation.

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Just to clarify, “the system” is users signalling things they consider off-topic, and moderators manually making a decision. It is not an automatic censoring artificial intelligence.

If your posts were deleted, it’s probably because off-topic messages led to users and moderators being annoyed by it and deciding you should find a better place for such discussions.

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Good day @mmu_man,

Didn’t know about that one. Checking it out it seems that uses an ARM dev board I came to while doing some research, and afaik, Haiku still does not run on ARM. Other than that, still doesn’t meet my “requirements”, so I’ll keep searching.

Nonetheless, thanks for the tip.


It’s finally finished!
The text was so long that it took me a few days to make the translation,but now you can read it.
Link: https://gnulinux.ch/ok-lenovo-wir-muessen-reden


That is a long litany, can’t believe I finished reading it! The complaints about a specific Lenovo model were a little unnecessary.

What matters is that “repairability” needs a lot of work, and people need to make themselves heard about it.

I don’t know if I would have much use for schematics, but disassembly instruction sites such as iFixit are very welcome.

These instructions should come directly from the manufacturer. There should be a list of components and what standards/protocols they use. When I buy, I’d like to feel safe that I can at least attempt a repair.

My favourite quote: