Office suite and pdf

Another feature I would really like to see as part of R1 is an office suite.
No mater what you use the pc for you will need to edit or see an word document or pdf.
Especially the pdf, I have to deal with one almost on a daily basis.
From time to time you might see a power point presentation or have to do your own, maybe even do some tabled calculations.
For an office suite I recommend OpenOffice as it offers an full office suite that covers text editing, tabled calculation, presentations, etc.
It is open source and has been ported to: Windows and all Unix based systems including Mac Os , Solaris and FreeBsd.
There are also many open source pdf viewers and editors.

Already have pdf viewer. It is compatible with Acrobat Reader 5 pdf files.

Office Suite is another matter.

OpenOffice is very huge ( seen the source? ) and lots of work to port over to Haiku / BeOS. Don’t expect to see OO any time soon on Haiku.

Users will have to make due either with,
Abiword 1.0 + SumIT + BeAccessible
Gobe Office 2.0 ( commercial product )

A developer has started work on a native office suite for Haiku but not sure when it’ll get done.

PS I think a better solution is to port over Abiword 2.x ( which is almost working - less work ) and update SumIT. This gives word processor and spreadsheet programs. And if someone updated BeAccessible then that would take care of the database and all that would be left is to create a Powerpoint application to be complete.

I, for one, would hate for Haiku to include an entire office application suite. It goes against the entire idea of what Haiku is about.

From the discussions I can recall, it was the general consensus that only simple succinct applications should be included such as a simple text editor (StyledEdit), simple calculator, simple image viewer/editor, etc; the basic stuff. I’m sure a PDF viewer will be included because it’s a simple succinct program that does one simple thing and only that, but something like OO.o is a different beast altogether.

Application suites should best be left to Haiku distros. They do not belong in the core release IMO.

Anton Sokolov is working on AbiWord -> :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if Gobe Corp. would just open source the BeOS version of Productive and let the BeOS/Haiku community maintain it. Other than a previous attempt by one of the Gobe programmers, has there been any attempt to work with Gobe to resolve this in a manner that is beneficial to both parties??

Anton Sokolov release the first prealpha version of AbiWord for beos.
Please test and report the bug!!!

for download abiword-050707-prealpha1

see you!