Nvme configuration for boot?

looking for info on setting up the nvme 2.1 drive on my system to enable itnto natively boot haiku

b550 Amd chipset with ryzen 7 cpu, boot fine from USB, I’ve run into trouble with setting up SSD drives as well.

Hi Scott. I have a X570 board MSI Tomahawk, with 3700x CPU, with 2 nvme drives, and have Haiku booting natively. I didn’t do anything special, other than install rEFId as the boot manager. I copied the Haiku EFI bootloader from the Beta to the EFI FAT32 partition.

I’m confused

Hello @SCollins,

You need to copy EFI folder from your USB (that you used to install) to your Haiku drive (where system is installed).
It goes into the details in this article, I had the same problem on NVME, but booting fine after that :slight_smile: