Nvidia Resolution support?

Hi Folks,

I feel like a fool for asking, but I couldn’t find an answer if any of the available resources. I’m running Haiku Alpha 1 natively on my desktop with an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT, and I can’t seem to change the screen resolution to 1280x1050 (which is the native resolution of my monitor). Does Haiku support this resolution on this graphics chipset?

Edit: I’m beginning to think it’s not loading the nvidia driver at all. Scrolling is very glitchy, and in general video performance is quite limited. Regrettably i’m not skilled enough to tell if it’s loading the driver, can anyone give me some pointers?

The Geforce 8#00 series and above are not yet covered by the driver.

you check for your self with:

listimage | grep accelerant

The dev rudolfc would know more, but I don’t think he reads the forums, you could try the haiku mailing list for more info on when it will be supported.

Nvidia driver supports upto GF 7950. You would be using the vesa driver.

When booting, press [space bar] until you get into safe mode options. Select FailSafe Video mode & also select the video mode you want.

This way you can check what modes are supported by vesa driver. I don’t believe 1280x1050 is a standard video mode.

Ah, I didn’t realize the 8X00 series wasn’t supported yet. Thanks for the info and advice tonestone and richie! I appreciate it a lot.

Edit: I lied, I meant 1600x1050 . That doesn’t seem to be an option with Vesa anyway though, so i’m still in the driverless-boat sadly.
-Grant Butler

The problem you’ve run into is that your BIOS is reporting only a subset of video modes the VESA driver supports. VESA can only initialise what your BIOS advertises.

I’ve got a nVidia 8800GT, and also use the VESA driver. It runs at 1650x1080, which is the native LCD resolution. This is because the BIOS on the nForce590 motherboard actually reports the correct resolution. On my MacBookPro, however, even though the LCD runs at 1400x900, the BIOS only advertises 1156x852 (or similar). Hence, using the VESA driver I’m limited to 1156x852. I’ve filed a bug report with Apple, lets see if they do something about it.

Eventually, Haiku will get native video drivers, and you will no longer care what the BIOS supports.

Note - Haiku VESA drivers are amazingly responsive.