NVIDIA driver Geforce 6400 GO

my name is Stefano and I am writing to you from Italy; congratulations for Haiku OS, a light, responsive operating system with great potential.
I write because I have a problem with the video part, this is the pc where I installed Haiku OS:
Vaio FS315M - Intel Centrino M740 CPU - Video Nvidia Gforce 6400 Go.
If I start the system in safe mode (Use fail-safe graphics driver), the system works correctly, but with a video resolution of 1280x768, instead of 1280x800. In safe mode, if I choose the “VGA” video mode a few times the system starts with the right resolution and in the settings the correct model of video card is visible, in this mode when the function is not working the screen remains black.
Can you help me…?
P.S. sorry for the bad english

@rudolfc any idea?

From wiki:

I see that you have a NV44M (mobile) chipset. In theory my driver should be able to support it, I probably only need to add the ID to give it a shot.

Though it’s apparantly approx the same as the 6150/6200 cards, which are also supported in theory (a number of ID’s is in the driver).

But these two types have a common problem, which might also apply for your card (NV44): there are a number of open tickets still assigned to me for that. I would like to test all these cards and come up with a solution for this problem: but all these chipsets are mainboard-glued versions: I cannot simply plugin such a cards in any mainboard. Unless someone knows otherwise and can point me at one of the mentioned three types…

Of course, even if I can fix the common problem remaining (apart from also adding the ID for the 6400), I still cannot guarantee it will actually work as also programming the DVI/LVDS/displayport like connections is not possible yet because the specs for that are still unknown (to me).

Anyhow, I need to restart my dev on the driver (upto GF7950: not the newer ones as those I like to see in a new driver due to architecture changes in the nvidia hardware) for this, and access to a system with one of the malfunctioning cards is needed I expect.

@haikuste : I guess you should file a bugreport, and if I have your cardID I can send you a modified driver to test, and I am kind of hoping you are on x64 since at the moment I have that also running here, with all the sources actually in place and ready to compile. Let’s go through there, ok?

Oh, for your info, my (old) driver site is here:

the CPU of the video card is 64bit and the devide pci ID 0168.
I need to know how to proceed to make a debug report.


Hi Stefano,


Can you reproduce a screenshot like this? Test with VESA (fail-safe) and Nvidia drivers.


OK. your ID is already in the driver so it’s running I expect. You can confirm this by creating a new file in ~/config/settings/kernel/drivers called ‘nvidia.settings’ (With StyledEdit)

Edit it and place one line in it:
logmask 0xffffffff

Save, and reboot. After reboot you’ll get in your home folder a new file called:
nvidia.10de_0168_010000.0.log or something resembling this.

It would be nice if I can receive that file.
Post a bugreport on https://dev.haiku-os.org/
You should add that file to it.

I’ll have a look at the resulting file and see what I can tell you about the status of the driver on your system then at least :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


with VESA (fail-safe)


with GeForce 6400 Go


ok rudolfc i will try to follow all your information.

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You’re welcome. If you need more help getting that logfile let me know…

I got the logfile, now I post it at the link you sent me.

bug report is create:

ticket n.16034