Nucleus RTOS

Anyone already try this ? Just heard about it cause it seems like the new Samsung OS called Bada is based on it.
C++ multitask microkernel built for realtime. I know it’s a closed source OS but it really seems like BeOS back in the days … no ?
Except the open/closed source point, what’s the big difference with Haiku nowdays ?

ps: perhaps those two are totally different but perhaps you have the answer

Its meant for embedded and high reliability devices… not a desktop

I think QNX would be more similar to BeOS than Nucleus… they have an impressive little boot floppy you can try out

Where did you hear it was going to be based on Nucleus RTOS? Or is that just guessing because of its’ past use?
It is a fair bet that Samsung will be using Enlightenment as the Window Manager though because of the recent funding into Enlightenment development. Could be interesting.