Now it is almost 6 years old!

> Get Haiku!
> Alpha 4 is now almost 5 years old!
> While we work on the last few blockers before a new release, you may want to try out a nightly/development build instead. 
> These images contain many new features that the alpha does not, such as a package manager, USB 3.0 support, official builds for x86_64, and many bug fixes and much improved hardware support. Please keep in mind that there may also be regressions and broken features in these builds which have not yet been identified or resolved, although they are generally quite stable (often more so than the alpha.)

Hopefully 2018 is the year of the Haiku Beta (B1, B2, etc…) before we hit the 6 year mark next November.

Hope dies at last

If you want Haiku to progress faster, there is only one way: jump in and contribute :slight_smile: