[Notice] Rebuild of the buildtools necessary for hrev57199 and newer

In hrev57199, the Haiku build now depends on GCC 13. If you are cross-compiling, please note that you will have to rebuild the buildtools, otherwise you will get build errors in the standard C++ library headers.


Could this be that the errors I see when building on 64bit (R1B4 - latest revision)? I got gcc13 installed and the buildtools have been configured fine from what I can tell.
Could still be some fishy things on my end though (not planning to re-install the whole system). :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this, I hope this might improve rebootstrapping arm64.

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I’ll give it a try with arm & arm64 soon.

Note that arm & arm64 probably need their syslibs updated first. Building for these experimental platforms is an area where I am not very knowledgeable.

we need a new bootstrap build for arm and arm64 (and probably also for the riscv64)

i did one for the arm, a few kludges are needed mainly in haikuports.cross repo to get the bootstrap build running.


I did start a bootstrap for ARM64 some time back, but got stuck on libatomic (an issue introduced in newer gcc, but I think they might have fixed it in gcc13).
For some reason it didn’t find libatomic, and using gcc flags to force using atomics directly either in the haikuports bootstrap gcc or the build jam didn’t solve it.

IMO I think that we should skip libatomic as it adds overhead and almost all ARM boards going forward has the LSE extension, so why add the indirection with a function call overhead. Anyway I am just waiting a bit until most gcc13 problems been found, before retrying.

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Update: Waddlesplash informed me there is a PR already…

Anyone doing these for gcc 13?

i have a PR for gcc_bootstrap and binutils_bootstrap in haikuports.cross. some changes needed for the atomic support in libgcc


meanwhile: I just noticed that gcc 13.2 has been added to buildtools repo. what is the intent with that, do we want to move on to 13.2 soon or are there any open issues with that so that we should stay on 13.1 for a while?

I think the plan is to migrate to 13.2 since there are some regressions with 13.1 (in network drivers) that could be fixed by switching to the latest version?

#18541 (System hangs on rocket icon after upgrade from hrev517193 to hrev57199) – Haiku and #18536 (Haiku won't boot after update (regression)) – Haiku

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Correct, GCC 13.2 only contains bug fixes, but part of the test is to see whether that ‘cures’ any regressions in the nightly builds.

I will make a recipe for haikuports over the coming days as well, so you can install it manually.