Not probing hardware on evere bootup?

Haiku OS doesn’t boot very fast under Parallels Desktop 14. In syslog I see many package manager errors and kernel error while probing hardware. When checking memory I see that many memory blocks are checked and discarded (which would explain why the ram chip is a slow part in the boot process).

Is it possible to give the kernel a specific configuration so it doesn’t have to discover the hardware all over after each boot? Also: is there is a way to repair package daemon errors? Error in Syslog is “Failed to open package activation file : file not found. Assuming all packages are activated” I only used HaikuDepot to add software, I didn’t kill files manually.

Can’t comment on your question. Hope you don’t mind me changing the thread title. Yours was just too generic. :slight_smile:

Blacklist every useless drivers.

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no problem of course.

Thats a Parallels Issue. Booting in Veertu, Virtual Box, Fusion or even in Qemu (Pathed with Apples Hyper Visor framework) boots faster. Parallels has excellent performance once the desktop is ready for use.

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