Not Able to Boot Unless I Use Both the Live CD and 'Live' USB Pendrive

I have three different computers but I can only get Haiku to boot from a laptop when I have both thr CD & the pendrive plugged in at the start. Otherwise, the CD will boot up to the first set of symbols but then it hangs. The USB dongle just winks when on its own. I stumbled upon this combined concept just minutes before tossing Haiku into the bin!

I can remove the CD once booted and everything will run well and it is persistent to a degree. Haiku
goes quickly for a OS on a USB!

I wanted to outline my ‘solution’ in case someone else is having difficulty in booting the live CD or USB. This dual act may, as in my case, solve the initial frustration.

I also found that the wired ethernet connects only upon reboot and not when you try to connect from the desktop after boot-up. However, I’m not sure I use the right technique.