Not a bootable partition

After installation of Haiku as second os, I installed Haiku boot manager. When loading PC I have options to choose my UBUNTU or Haiku os. When I choose Haiku OS no problem but when I choose UBUNTU I get error message not a bootable partition.

You have to install grub in the Ubuntu partition, not the disk (e.g. sdaX, not the disk sda). See also When Ubuntu updates keep wiping bootman.

I recovered by grub through UBUNTU USB live , but it seems nothing happened, just my UBUNTU loaded as normally, and there is no any screen for choosing OS, just only UBUNTU loaded automatically

I guess you re-installed grub again in the disk, thereby replacing Haiku’s bootman.

Yes, because you told me, that I have to install grub

You have to install grub onto the Ubuntu partition, not into the MBR.

So I made this command in terminal to install grub onto UBUNTU partition : sudo grub-install /dev/sda1
But still my grub can’t see Haiku installed on another partition (sda3)

I thought you wanted to use Haiku’s Bootman. If you install that one, it can load your Linux through the grub in its partition.
You can also add Haiku to the grub config. More complicated IMO, but there should be enough info in the installation guide and forum posts.

When I install Haiku bootman it can’t load UBUNTU, when I install grub it can’t see Haiku

Have you tested that after putting grub into the Linux partition?
Because that’s exactly my setup. Bootman in MBR, grub in linux partition. When setting up Bootman, it sees the linux partition and I can add it to the menu to boot it.

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On now I will try to put Haiku bootman in mbr again

Yes, I done this. Everything works very fine. Thank you very much humdinger.

Grub will not see it as long as you don’t add it as chainload.
But now if you reinstalls the Haiku bootmanager into the MBR it should list Haiku and Ubuntu.