Non-booting system beta4

After having stayed on the beta branch since prerelease 0 and running updates since then, it appears my fortunes have taken a turn for the negative. After attempting an update yesterday, my bare metal install x64 UEFI system with 32 GiB of DDR3 gets stuck after the rocket icon during boot.

The only thing I was doing that was fishy was the experimental build of HarfBuzz 8.0.1 whose HPKG files from my HaikuPorter install were in the standard packages directory. I’ve booted from a stable beta4 install disk, mounted the SSD with Haiku on it, moved the experimental packages to the trash and rebooted but to no avail.


I also tried booting from an older image from the safe boot selector. No joy.

What else can I try?

Download and write to USB the same or any newer version, boot from it and install it over your existing system.

Maybe it’s some filesystem corruption. Try booting a working Haiku, mount the troubled partition and try “checkfs”.

You removed your experimental packages from system folder but did you think about putting back the “normal” packages they were replacing? They should be in one of your states folders. While at it, since you’re making changes in packages directory, think about deleting activated_packages.txt from it.

I ended up installing over the top of the old install. Now I have no additional packages installed but at least it boots. HarfBuzz is required to even boot up. From now on, I’ll use QEmu images to do my testing. Now I have to reinstall all of my software packages. How painful!

I create install mediums (thumbdrive) with most of the things I use pre-installed, in cases like this it can be handy (only needs some updating after installing over a broken install) :slight_smile:

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