No sound from speakers, but headphones work

Hi! i installed the Haiku in a SONY VAIO model PCG-6S3M all works well, except the webcam (but i don’t really main) and the audio works strange, i can get it working if i plug the headphones, then sounds great but only works in this way, no audio from the speakears, i only have this issue in Haiku i tried in Windows 7 and Mint 21 and there the speakers are working well.

Hello. If you have dual boot on that laptop, try to check if you get them working doing a ‘warm reboot’. That means:

  • Start first in Windows (or Linux)
  • Restart and boot Haiku (without turning off the machine. Just a reboot).

Sometimes, booting first in Windows/Linux initialize properly the hardware. Fun fact: in my laptop (an old Dell 11z), I have the exactly oposite problem: if I do a warm reboot, I don’t get audio from the headphones plug. But if I do a ‘cold reset’ works fine. So is good to test both ways :slight_smile:

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Thanks, i tried you solution but not worked

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You may also try to start the pc without charger attached and attach it during the BIOS POST.

I guess you’ve already checked in the output tab of the Media settings that it’s not muted. If so, please open an issue detailing your sound hardware and attaching a syslog, if there’s not one already.