No Network from USB installation

R1 Alpha3
ipro100 compatible network card (on-board) Dell Dimension PC.

When I boot from a Haiku LiveCD I have a network connection confirmed by surfing in the Webpositive application (browser).

After installing Haiku to an 8GB USB stick, all appears fine except I have no Network Connection. The Network Control Panel shows no settings (blank).

Question: How do I install ipro100 drivers? or is there an underlying problem relating to my USB stick installation?

PS What a great OS, I love it. And it is a pleasure to finally be able to run the BeOS after waiting for many years. Many thanks to all involved in this excellent project.

Try to remove these two files:

Also I suggest to use the latest nightly

Thank you for your response. Neither of those two files (folders?) exist on my USB install. The Network folder just has “hostname”, “resolve.conf” and “services” files in it. Perhaps I should delete those? Am I trying to force a new configuration?

To use a nightly, do I burn to a fresh (formatted) USB stick and then add all the packages, or can I overwrite my existing USB installation, I’m a little confused as to the easy way to implement a nightly with minimal disruption. I will be experimenting as we speak…


OK it’s fixed.

Don’t ask me how, I don’t know. Maybe just weird, but after the last re-boot the network appeared and I have internet access. It is now using the ipro 100 NC driver.

I’d still like to know what the best way to install a nightly upgrade is though? If anyone can talk me through that?

Many thanks


Hi Ian!

It’s really quite simple: Put the nightly anyboot image onto a USB stick with “dd if=/path/to/anyboot of=/dev/disk/usb/0/0/raw bs=1M” (adjust paths of course). Boot it. Start the Installer and have it copy it all over your existing Haiku installation. The home folder will be merged, i.e. existing files are kept.

I’ve been doing it like that for some time, though I use images built myself, already containing all optional packages I need. You may have to re-install optional packages manually, i.e. with “installoptionalpackage” from Terminal, if some don’t work any more.

Anyone stumbled over not up-to-date packages in this way?


Many thanks Humdinger. Your technique makes sense, I’ll give it a go.

… and I’m going to need to, as my Haiku has lost it’s network again, I spoke too soon!!!
The Dell Dimension I’m using (kindly loaned by my girlfriend) is behaving weird, it’s developed some phantom PCI expansion card problems (I/O Mem Bar errors). So this may have something to do with Haiku’s network issues. Ill update this post when I have some success.

Best regards



I upgraded from R1A3 to the 44300 nightly. I still have no network access.

Here is a clue I think, repeatable behavior : If I re-install R1A3 on the first boot I have rock solid net access for the whole session (hours). When I re-boot, the net is lost (empty network config panel). The net does not re-appear on any subsequent boot up’s. So at any point I want the net I re-install and bingo! Net access. But this does not happen with the 44300 nightly.

Is there some script that is run on R1A3 installation that is making the build see the network card? Or something?

Ideas are welcome, best regards


Please open a ticket at and provide your syslog