No mplayer install

I tried to install mplayer (and also mpv) from “HaikuDepot” but I face this problem:
nothing provides lib:libpng_x86>16.17.0 needed by mplayer_x86-1.1.1-3
any help?

using Haiku shredder 1 hrev51074 Apr 7 2017 17:35:32 BePC x86 Haiku

Seems that the required librarie (libpng_x86 higher or equal to version 16.17.0) is not available via HaikuDepot

Know issue. See:

And Batch of troubles with HaikuPorter

When would it be solved?

I hope soon :slight_smile:

However here I have an old version of mplayer (as hpkg) which i built about two years ago: works quite fine (and in conjuction with youtube-dl is also able to play every stream from various websites - audio and video); i will also add some addons to such package (eg i made a script called playstream to make easier to play audio/video stream) and I will publish it soon, while we’re waiting for the official fix.

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Upload Please; :smile:

Mplayer recipe updated in Haikuports repo

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