No information on download/install java

I tried to find information on the latest and greatest of java on Haiku. After a long search I found a version and a forum topic with information with some information how to set up.
A simple java -version command already ended up in errors.

I use one of the latest nightly builds.

Is there more information available on this subject (and have I overlooked this)?

Is the same for me. Could be related to this issue (?):
Instead, on old revisions, java works fine.

This bug only seems to affect the server VM. You can run the client VM instead for the moment using:

java -client args

There is a stable haikuport installation for openjdk, allowing to compile and install.
Anyways, I’ve just tested it with gcc2h 45494 and “java -version” crash.

Hello, with reference to bug track 9752, don’t look at jalbum.
If you’re running version 11, it has problems with java 1.7 on all platforms (haiku, linux, windows).
Version 10 works fine, also the “installed” version of jalbum works fine, intead of the “jalbum for nothing” version.


hrev45850 (or hrev45847) allows you to use Java again.
I’m trying to compile a new version, there are some modifications to be made following the use of gcc 4.7.3 but nothing very complicated.
Then I will have all the features in the new package manager but that’s another story.

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