Nintendo gamecube emulator for BeOS 5?


which are Nintendo gamecube emulators for BeOS 5 and where do I download them?

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Game Cube was released around the same time Be Inc closed, so I guess the only was there would be one is if someone ported it fairly recently. Any Game Cube emulators were probably released mid 2000’s early 2010’s surely?

The only useful GameCube emulator I can think of is Dolphin. And it’s a complicated application that requires a very recent version of OpenGL among other things, so I don’t think that we are seeing it on Haiku anytime soon.

The OP also specifically states “BeOS 5”, which makes it even harder to port.




I didn’t expect to see that this soon, :eyes: that’s impressive! Do you intend to add it to the depot?

In the emulator does not work the keyboard control, only the gamepad works. If you want to test the emulator, you can install it from my repository -