Nightly DVD cover

What about DVD cover made specifically for nightlies, not releases like this? (using oficial assets of course) for home labeling of burned in DVDs and maybe for distributing in small scale conferences.

Can anyone reuse the cover used in beta for this?

I like the Cover of the Beta Version. It looks like haiku ;-).

A free Cover for CD or case would be nice on haiku website to download.


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The nightly builds are not official Haiku builds. So normally they shouldn’t use the Haiku logo.

I don’t know where you got that visual for the DVD but it is not the official one. You can download the official one at (in Wonderbrush format) if you want to make your own DVDs. However, please do this only for yourself, try to avoid redistributing such DVDs which could imply it is a somehow official version of Haiku.


I had no time to make a photo of the original one, i take this one from eBay.

Thanks for the link.

I once documented these instructions on how to fold a CD/DVD cover. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared from the “Get Haiku” page when its sidebar was lost…

Should we make it more discoverable again?

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Yes it is useful

ok so nothing that implies it is endorsed by Haiku Inc., maybe a disclaimer “This is not an official release”?

For gods sake before any official optical disk gets released with this design somebody should redo it completely. Currently this proposal is a a sin against all the art/kunst of thousands of years.


If optical disks available with this design on the internet one should contact either the seller or ebay directly as it is copyright infringement, i think.

It is not, the logo is used according to our guidelines and they ship the actual Haiku code. Haiku is opensource and can be redistributed this way without any problems.

Also note that I can send Haiku beta1 DVDs worldwide for the cost of shipping. That seems better than doing it yourself to me (and I have about 400 of these left, so…)


The folding instructions are now linked from the Burning the Haiku DVD guide.

The Haiku DVD Paper Sleeve instructions now also point to a WonderBrush file that can be used as template for your own sleeves.

I quickly made one for nightlies. As some people may burn nightlies regularly, you can just pen in the architecture (32/64bit), hrev and date:


Here’s the PDF: (316 KiB)


Who’s Walter?

It’s an inside joke that BGA invented.

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it is perfect, almost forgot the existance of dear Walter

Mein Gott walther

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For what it’s worth R1/Beta 1 is close to 18 months old.

Surely the nightly builds are significantly updates to that? Who would want an outdated release disc? I think the point was that encouraging people to use a more recently build would potentially be good for PR? And having an at least pseudo-official disc label is a little more encouraging than burned media from random disc brands with scribbled on text…

How is that the nightly builds are “not official Haiku builds”? That doesn’t make logical sense. I get that they are unstable development builds, but it’s not as though one is getting them from some dubious third party website or constructing an image at home. Surely using graphics that scream ‘nightly’ and ‘development’ would be sufficient?

Nightly builds are most stable development builds.

There is no general cd lable or cover for a nightly. Would be nice to have one with a empty text field to enter the hrev number, but i think the most people around here does to have the time and fun to lable every burned dvd.

The answer to that is that we should get beta2 released. Not tell unsuspecting users to use nightly builds, which sometimes don’t work at all, and are unsupported. This is because we care for our users and we want them to get a stable platform, which did get at least some QA testing. The Betas gets this, the nightlies don’t get as much.


Some years ago I coded a simple PHP to generate PDF - using FPDF lib - sheets (both A4 and Letter) to print. It supports both CD and DVD covers.

It grabs the image from the given URL, center in the sheet and writes version and changelog (with different fonts - as example - and from dynamic “$GET[‘vers’]_changes.txt” file, if available) on it.

Here’s the code:

// CoverGen v.0.1.1
// CC By-Nc-Sa 2009 F.O.R.A.R.T. Foundation


$remoto = $_GET[‘remoto’];
$pagina = $_GET[‘pagina’];
$copertina = $_GET[‘copertina’];

if ($copertina == “DVD”) { $Lcover= 270; $Acover= 180; $Ldorso=15; } else { $Lcover= 250; $Acover= 125; $Ldorso=0;};

if ($pagina == “A4”) { $Lpaper=297; $Apaper=210; } else { $Lpaper=279; $Apaper=216; };

$sx=($Lpaper-$Lcover)/2; $su=($Apaper-$Acover)/2; $disdo=($Lcover-$Ldorso)/2;

$formato = array($Lpaper,$Apaper);

$pdf = new FPDF(‘Landscape’,‘mm’,$formato);



if ( file_exists(str_replace(".", “”, $_GET[‘vers’])."_changes.txt") ) { $changes = file_get_contents(str_replace(".", “”, $_GET[‘vers’])."_changes.txt"); } else { $changes = “Changelog not available”; }

$pdf->SetAuthor(‘CC by-nc-sa 2009 F.O.R.A.R.T. Foundation’);
$pdf->image($remoto, $sx, $su, $Lcover, $Acover);
$pdf->Line(0, $su, $Lpaper, $su);
$pdf->Line(0, $su+$Acover, $Lpaper, $su+$Acover);
$pdf->Line($sx, 0, $sx, $Apaper);
$pdf->Line($sx+$Lcover, 0, $sx+$Lcover, $Apaper);
$pdf->Line($disdo+$sx, 0, $disdo+$sx, $Apaper);
$pdf->Line(($disdo+$sx)+$Ldorso, 0, ($disdo+$sx)+$Ldorso, $Apaper);
$pdf->Rect($sx, $su, $Lcover, $Acover, “D”);
$pdf->Rect($disdo+$sx, $su, $Ldorso, $Acover, “D”);

$pdf->MultiCell( 0, 5, $changes );

$pdf->Cell(0, 5, $_GET[‘vers’], 0, 0, ‘R’);


Hope that helps.


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