Nightly builds not installing anymore since rev. 47853

Hello all,

Since one month or so… last working Haiku nightly version was 47853…
all newer ones not working anymore on my x86 Samsung Notebook:

Samsung X11 Laptop (T5500 2x1.66 GHz)

Haiku Release: Year 2014 (47853)

Audio Playback: Works
Audio Recording: Doesn't Work
Bluetooth: Doesn't Work
Card Reader: Doesn't Work
Ethernet: Works
Keyboard: Works
Power Management: Dont know
Touchpad/Mouse: Works
USB: Works
Video: Works
Video Out: Doesn't Work
Webcam: Doesn't Work
Wireless: Works

It hangs now at the 4th Icon at boot…
How to get a syslog from here?

What changed since (47853) then?

Your problem is probably because of . The only change in 47854 is in HaikuDepot and could not have any influence that early in the boot. So if 47853 works, and 47855 doesn’t, this change must be your problem.

Since there is probably no serial port on that machine, you can only get the system log shown on screen. When booting, hold the shift or space key before the haiku logo appears, you will get to the early boot menu. There you can check "enable on-screen debug". This way you will get the syslog on screen. It goes one page at a time, so skip the output until it stops. Then take a picture of the last screen and upload it.

It would be better to report this on the bug tracker ( rather than here on the forums. It's more likely that a developer will take care of fixing the problem there.


rev. 47855 is not working here…
I will try to upload a pic to the bug tracker.

At least I remember now how to enable on-screen debug again…


The -zip image doesnt work for me but the anyboot.image is working!