Niels Leenheer (Founder/ project lead): "HTML5TEST IS DEAD [...] and that is fine"

Ahoy folks,

I used to visit and use HTML5 tests from the official


I saw in some forum posts others used it from some linux distro version.

Recently I used to check

that seems an unofficial progressing site.

I had left the original one in one browser Qupzilla as that I would not check as no more developed, but I like it on Haiku as also worked for me as when I used it.

So when I wanted to use it to see a Vimeo video that was shared on this forum, I faced with a message on top of the site from person in title – that message titled as well as in my post title with capital letters


In nutshell : it is dead, as it fullfilled its purpose finally,
as it was founded and used to make all browsers to use HTML5 standards (intensively) and have better browsers.

Full message HERE - below : :smiley:


HTML5test is dead. It’s been dead for a while. In fact it hasn’t been updated since 2016.

And that is fine. This website has served it’s purpose and helped popularise HTML5 with a general audience and developers. It pushed companies to invest in their browsers and it kept them honest. And from talking to people working for those companies over the years it worked. It helped convince people higher up to invest more resources, because nobody wants their browser to look bad.

The goal of this website was always to push browsers to adopt HTML5. To make HTML5 available for users and developers in all browsers. And if just one feature is now available to developers in all browsers thanks to HTML5test, this website has served it’s purpose. And I know for sure that it has served it’s purpose. HTML5 is now generally supported and there aren’t any truly bad browsers anymore.

I’ll try to keep this page online as a snapshot of the original test, and there is an unofficial updated version available at

It was fun to work on this project while it lasted. I have some awesome memories of talking to the people at the W3C, Apple, Mozilla, Google and Microsoft. Thanks for all the support over the years!

Niels Leenheer

This way I understood why was problematic simetimes to reach it - possibly it was moved to its final place meanwhile (I mean the storage server might changed to spare the costs or any else means)

Me also seen some dispute about its usefulness here, on the forum, as some version showed different sum of values as the tests completed,
but its goal was seems general and had not lied in the details of the report – to create better and nicer , quicker browsers for the users and developers - so for us.
And also gave a tool to differentiate and checks the browsers how they are adopted the new standards …

At least I interpret this way -

I thought you were telling us someone had died :joy:

So even if the test is not moved forward it’s still a useful test if you are developing a browser.

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Edited the topic to make this clearer : P


Well … very interesting you thought it was necessary to be modified.

I never thought somene think
would be rather someone
than something.

I think the title was obvious - even in English - but sometimes for someone might hard to understand :
titles are not full sentences, but condensed texts
especially in English.
basically containing the nost important pieces of all the story

I could have written the word “said” before the “:” in the title but I thought everyone has experience - internationally - with titles.

And … not only someone can be dead
but something as well.

Also had not seen many complaining posts about misunderstanding title.

Anyway … I let it be -
However I do not find it lesser misunderstandable than mine :wink:


I was thinking the same thing but re-re-read it and figured out what was being conveyed.