Nice review from Code Therapy!

Linked below is a nice review of Haiku beta 4 (x86_64) by Rene Rebe from Code Therapy. I instantly thought to share it here so this community can see that more and more people are being exposed to Haiku.


Is it a review? More a stream of conciousness. I’m afraid I had to stop when he started reading comments in this forum… :slight_smile:

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Well. I wish one day instead of jumping on random post of the forum they start by reading FAQ and name the system by its true name: Haiku. Usually, that’s where I stop.

That’s one of the 3 that I found online about R1B4…

Lets be honest here, most video reviews of Haiku are poorly done, with little research and a lot of reviewers are also not informed. I even heard a reviewer say “I have XXX years of Linux experience, I dont need to read the user manual”, and then fumbled on basic things in Haiku and being frustrated since it was different. There is only so many times we can watch the Haiku install to VM video where they dont bother to install a single app from Haiku Depot (and some reviewers dont even know what Haiku Depot is). The linked video talks about the original 3dmov application (drag / drop videos onto a spinning cube / pages), yet the very first entry in Haiku Depot when sorted alphabetically is Haiku version of 3dmov, which the reviewer failed to see. Very poor quality videos.

And here is an opportunity for the Haiku community. We love Haiku. We know what’s great about it. But we haven’t produced / created a worthwhile video which showcases Haiku.

Having mentioned that idea, I can also see the endless bike-shed conversations and endless debates of what such a video needs to have. In my opinion, just making a video which uses the user guide as a script is infinitely better than what most of the YouTube user guides have. And that is something the community can produce easily, with minimal bike shed arguments. And end it with a quick music/video / trailer like preview of available apps on Haiku (ported and native). And that video is 1000% better than most of the youtube previews.


There has been an attempt to make a presentation vid by few people in this forum but, you will have to dig.
IMHO, the problem comes from the economic system of hosting sites. Lot of these so called tests are only there to generate account activity and clicks that will generate incomes. So, it’s really Who cares about the content? Let’s do this quick and grab money.

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