Nfsv4 mount causes system bailout (debugger spawns?)

i just noticed this behaviour first last time i tried Haiku.

that was ~6 months ago, now im back at it, and the problem still occurs.

it takes a while… just mount your nfs share, and keep it open and then do some other things… somewhere between 10-15 minutes later, the following (screenshot) happens…

do you guys know about this yet?


Looks like it hasn’t been reported before Custom Query – Haiku.

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There are a bunch of other NFS4 problems that cause kernel crashes, however. It looks probable that this could be a use-after-free.

To be honest, I think we should probably move NFS4 to be a userlandfs filesystem instead of a kernel one. Network latency overhead will be far greater than kernel-userland overhead, and filesystems that interact with the network are always going to be a lot more error-prone than ones which just do reads from attached storage.